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BG1 Expanding Foam Tape

The VITO BG 1 pre-compressed joint sealing tape is easily and rapidly applicable directly from the roll. Unevenness as well as irregularly shaped edges within the joint are completely compensated by the expansive properties of the tape. The material absorbs movements of joints and it ensures a permanent elasticity for many years. This tape seals the joints in one phase of operation. Preliminary operations such as, for example, the application of primers, pre-coats and masking’s are not necessary. The application of this product is independent of weathering conditions. This tape is resistant to driving rain (stress condition group C according to German industrial standard DIN 18542). This tape is sound-absorbing and admits the necessary vapor diffusion. The behavior in fire corresponds to class B1 for building materials with difficult inflammability according to German industrial standard DIN 4102. The VITO BG 1 joint sealing tape is available in practical dimensions and graduations for joints whose width dimensions extend from 2 mm up to 32 mm.

Typical Applications

Applications include sealing of expansion & butt joints in:-

· Underground constructions · Prefabricated sections
· Profiled sheeting ·Exterior & interior buildings
· Window construction · Road joints

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