Products By Manufacturer Sievert Pro 88/86 Neck Tubes
Neck Tubes

• Wide range of neck tubes made of high quality brass

• Double neck tube 84-S770044, made of stainless steel, makes it possible to connect two burners to one neck tube

• Shorter neck tubes like 84-S3505, 84-S3509 and 84-S3511 are recommended for smaller heating applications like gold and silver forging

• Longer neck tubes like 84-S3506, 84-S3507, 84-S3508 and 84-S3510 are recommended for larger jobs like roofing and road works

Product Data / Sizes Available

• 70mm Brass Neck Tube

• 180mm Brass Neck Tube

• 350mm Brass Neck Tube

• 500mm Brass Neck Tube

• 750mm Brass Neck Tube

• Dual Outlet S/Steel Neck Tube

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