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i-Clip: The dream solution to an installation nightmare

The i-clip mounting bracket offers a complete variable roof mounting solution eliminating frustrations caused by the bracket up-kick being too high. These problems originate from European brackets designed for European roofs and not suitable for UK & Irish roofs without making modifications to tiles, battens and rafters etc.

The Problem:
Initial roof assessment is generally made from ground level and steers system specification. Installers are often onsite and when difficulties with brackets surface, leaving them to either: a) ‘make it fit’ by cutting too much from the tile – risk the waterproofing b) go back to supply and exchange - wasting time and money c) carry stock of all bracket sizes available - tying up money and transport

The Solution:
A modular ‘one-bracket / one-stock item’, and an instantly adaptable system with little waste that is simple to install. In turn that means a safe installation, a watertight fit and a professional long lasting finish. The product is made up of three main components; plate, spacer and arm assembled using two countersunk bolts and fastened by uniquely modified EJOT unique self drilling fasteners that provide a high core diameter to load strength ratio, eliminating the risk of split rafters.

Wind Loading:
Wind loadings on solar Thermal & PV arrays during storm conditions can be extremely large and it is the responsibility of the installation company to get it right – so the entire system must be designed correctly from the outset.

After extensive testing through Loughborough University and the BRE, it has been shown that by installing vertical rails in addition to horizontal rails to form a framed grid, the distribution of loads over the entire array are much more uniform, increasing strength and reducing stress on module framework. As a rule of thumb, 2 x i-clip’s should be used per m² of solar array, however each installation should be calculated separately, taking into account the location of each building.

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