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RhinoBond is an alternative insulation and membrane attachment system for TPO and PVC membranes. The system uses the same fastener and plate to secure both the insulation and the membrane to the deck without penetrating the roofing material. The result is a Factory Mutual-approved system that does not create any point of entry for moisture, requires fewer fasteners and provides superior wind uplift performance.

Revolutionary Technology

RhinoBond is based on patented electromagnetic induction welding technology. Just place the RhinoBond tool on the membrane directly over the specially coated plate and activate it to bond the underside of the membrane to the plate.

Think Outside the Side-Lap

For years mechanically attached system installation was based on side-lap fastening patterns. With the RhinoBond system, you have to think outside the side-lap. Simply determine the number of RhinoBond fasteners required to achieve the desired rating based on the wind uplift requirements. There are no side-lap fasteners required with the RhinoBond system. Since the fastening points are spread across the entire roof in a grid pattern, the uplift load is distributed more evenly and the system can achieve higher wind ratings with fewer fasteners.


Features & Benefits

• RhinoBond typically uses 25% to 50% fewer fasteners when compared to traditional fastening methods.

• Installing additional fasteners around penetrations or in corners provides extra attachment points for the full-width membrane. The result is enhanced security with fewer side-laps.

• RhinoBond has achieved an FM 1-210 wind resistance rating, and can resist over 226 kg’s of force in static testing.


The RhinoBond system includes specially coated plates, sold in buckets of 500.  Plates are available for TPO and PVC membranes and can be installed with several OMG fasteners.  RhinoBond is compatible with PIR, PUR and Rockwool insulation when used in conjunction with our TreadSafe Tube System.

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