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OlyBond500 SpotShot

OlyBond 500 SpotShot is a fast-acting, dual-component, low-rise urethane foam adhesive designed to attach insulation to roof decks. SpotShot is dispensed through a portable 1:1 applicator and is perfect for crickets, small or large roofs, hard to reach areas, and repairs. SpotShot does not create any odours or noise that might disturb building occupants.

Features & Benefits
OlyBond 500 SpotShot is included in many approved roof assemblies listed with Factory Mutual Systems. OlyBond 500 SpotShot is available in both Regular and Winter Grade.  See PDF file for more details.
• Lightweight and portable
• Easy application process
• Compatible with a wide variety of roofing systems
• Quick set-up time
OlyBond 500 SpotShot is applied in bands 300mm on centre, and allowed to rise prior to laying the insulation in place. SpotShot securely adheres to:
• Poured in place structural concrete
• Pre-cast concrete
• Treated plywood (5/8" min. thickness)
• Smooth BUR
• Steel 0.76mm or lower with approved crosssection
• Existing sprayed in place polyurethane foam
• Cementitious wood fibre plank
• Base sheets
• Insulating concrete
• Gypsum
Coverage rate is 50-55 square meters per case.
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