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P6716A - Power Cutter® Regular Long Cut

Power Cutter® Regular Long Cut has full 3" cut and makes long cuts faster on a variety of materials. Forged blades cut all the way to the tip even on hard to cut materials such as sheet metal or heavy gauge plastic.

Aviation Aviation snips feature compound leverage action for more cutting power with less effort and hot drop forged blades that provide unmatched edge life and strength. Several models and blade patterns are available to meet a wide range of cutting application requirements.

Long Cut Models Long cut aviation snips feature long blades that make long cuts faster on a variety of materials. Long blades also make it easier to make long straight cuts.


Nominal Length: 11-1/2"
Cut Length: 3" (76mm)
Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): 20/24 (0.61mm to 0.91mm)
Cuts Straight

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