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Delta PT®

The innovative geometry of the Delta PT® creates a robust thread forming
fastener that gives safety and reliability in the most complex designs
and extreme applications.

Specially developed for screw joints in thermoplastic materials, the thread
geometry creates low surface pressure and provides for a high clamp force
in the assembly.
Excellent long-term performance is maintained under thermal
and dynamic loads.
DELTA CALC® Online Prognosis
Your regional EJOT engineer has protected access to DELTA CALC®, a powerful
program developed specifically for DELTA PT®.
It utilisesfastener dimensioning to give an online prognosis and also assists in
determining the load carrying capability. The program also provides lifetime and durability
forecasting under temperature stress and static stress.
Features and Benefits
·         Direct assembly saves production time
·         Optimized geometry
·         Process-safe assembly
·         Long life-time of joint
·         Repeat assembly is possible
·         High strength
·         Minimized stress of screw joint
Typical Applications
·         Fastening of car bumpers
·         Internal and external automotive applications
·         Assembly of intake manifolds
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