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TruTool TPC 165 (1A1) GB 110V

The new Panel Cutter TruTool 165 cuts polyurethane and polyisocyanurate sandwich panels regardless of whether the panel surface is flat, trapezoidal or corrugated. The machine can handle diverse applications, ranging from crosscuts and right-angle cuts to interior cutouts and notches. Even cutouts on pre-mounted panels are easy work for the new panel cutter.

 With a 90 degree adjustable blade, you can easily and quickly produce right-angled cutouts. Another plus: as a result of its immersion mechanism, it's possible to start at any location on the panel without a starting drill hole.

               ·         Max Panel thickness: 165mm

·         Max individual material thickness: 0.9mm

·         Working Speed: 4mt per minute

·         Weight without cable: 9.6kg

 The 12 Benefits of the TruTool 165 Panel Cutter:

1. No need to flip over panels to cut through up to 165mm

2. No need to drill pilot holes for cut outs for windows or doors

3. Long blade life in comparison to reciprocation and jigsaw

4. Very low HAV in comparison to reciprocation and Jigsaw

5. No curved cuts so flashings fit first time.

6. High cut quality - so excellent for high finish buildings that use micro rib

7. Rail system prevents marking the panels from the saw movement

8. You can cut over the trapezoid profiles with the rail

9. The rail system allows you to join together for doing hip cuts easily

10. Factory finish cuts 

11. Much lighter & smaller than 350mm circular saws

12. Dust extraction port for your safety
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