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Apart from the misery they cause, leaking gutters cost Industry millions of pounds every year in production disruption, stock loss and maintenance costs.

Gutters discharge water into a building predominantly due to joint failure but also due to substrate failure caused by severe corrosion. Gutters can also become overwhelmed during storm conditions.

The long term repair of leaking gutter joints is extremely difficult and most repairs, which consist usually of bandage and bitumen applications, can only be considered as an emergency contingency whilst a more permanent solution is sought, or at best, one which will last for 1 to 3 years until the process needs to be repeated.

A solution to leaking joints is to line the existing gutter, however, effective access is a common problem due to roof sheet overhang and other obstructions and most rigid gutter lining systems, such as Aluminium or G.R.P., are unable to capitalise correctly on the available space within the existing gutter cavity, leading to a reduction in gutter size with the resultant loss of valuable water capacity.

Often continuous flexible lining systems are chosen as they are perceived to have no joints and they are sometimes able to reach the extremes of the existing gutter profile. 

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The Solution To The Problem Is UNIFOLD

They are, however, very prone to expansion, contraction and retention problems leading to instability and ultimate failure and these systems often cannot cope correctly with existing gutter fabrication such as sumps and side boxes, which are often ignored and corners and tees which require difficult on site fabrication and jointing, made even more difficult as the work is conducted within the restricted confines of the gutter cavity.

Any gutter lining system must be able to correctly address the problems with which it is faced and be able to provide a true, quality assured solution for all the variations of gutter design, both past and present.

What is required is a system that is correctly designed and engineered that will maximise the available space within the existing gutter cavity, will remain rigid and stable in service, will offer an exceptional life span and be guaranteed not to leak.

THE SOLUTION - Unifold Gutter Lining System

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Unifold is a gutter lining system that is rigid in use and as the name suggests, is able to fold, using system hinges, allowing access to the gutter cavity and then re-open, to maximise the available space within. It has an exceptional life span, well in excess of 30 years and is guaranteed for a period of 20 years including the installation.

Unifold is manufactured from an EPDM membrane that is pressure bonded to galvanized and coated steel substrate. During this process the hinges are formed, which are the essence of the system’s unique flexibility. They provide the ability to enter the most difficult of gutter cavities, maximising the available space.

The resulting laminate forms a composite sheet to the required girth that is then press formed to the correct profile.

Unifold is manufactured in 2.8m individual lengths and each unit length is securely fixed and sealed to its adjacent length prior to the cold vulcanised application of the Sureseal EPDM joint cover flashing.

This process provides, on initial application, a double sealed joint of immense integrity, however, continuing homogeneous action at the vulcanised surface ultimately provides an uninterrupted "joint free" membrane lining.

Experience has shown that Unifold is completely versatile and is able to replicate existing systems and their accessories with consummate ease.

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