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Unifold should not be considered as a second choice to the replacement of an existing gutter lining system with a similar type as the vast majority of existing gutter lining systems prove to be more than an adequate host for the system, in fact, Unifold is a superior gutter lining product in both joint integrity and longevity when compared with the vast majority of gutter lining systems and types from the past and present.

Suitability of UNIFOLD Gutter Lining System

Few gutter liningsystems, if any, will offer the guarantees of Unifold

Unifold is a fully engineered system that is designed for each specific gutter lining application. No conditions however unusual or complex are beyond its capabilities. Its ability to replicate any existing gutter lining system is demonstrated by these examples, all of which have received the Unifold treatment many times.

  • General Industrial and Commercial applications
  • Stepped, Laid to falls and tapered gutters
  • Concrete and "Finloc" gutters
  • Asbestos Cement Gutters
  • "Ogee" section and Eaves gutters
  • Listed building work
  • Gutters fitted with Siphonic drainage systems

System Capabilities

The Unifold Gutter Lining System is able to...

  • Improve existing gutter capacities
  • Improve outlet flow capacities and easily include extra outlets or the replacement of corroded outlets
  • Restore holed "rusted" gutters
  • Be used in roof refurbishment programmes, either strip and re-sheet or over-sheeting projects to provide greater capacities and to ensure the critical gutter component is fitted after roof work is complete, providing a new gutter at the end of the contract.
  • Provide a correct and permanent "Tie-off" at the party line for two buildings/companies sharing the same gutter.
  • To be used in conjunction with pipe-work systems to help relieve drainage problems from the roof and below ground.
  • Provide corners, tees, section changes, side boxes, sumps, cylindrical, conical and square outlets, walkway pads and supports for lightening conductors.

Over the years, Unifold Gutter Liner has been faced with "many variations of a theme" and a multitude of differing gutter conditions and on each and every occasion the unique ingenuity of the gutter liner system has provided a successful and correctly engineered solution.

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Unifold Manufacture & Installation Suitability & Capabilities