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Manufacture and Fabrication

Manufacture and Fabrication of UNIFOLD Gutter Lining System

The Unifold Gutter Lining System has a complete range of accessory components and techniques which are able to cope with any existing gutter conditions or circumstances including an expansion and contraction joint which may be used to allow Unifold to move in conjunction with the existing gutter as well as coping with normal thermal and building movement.

Every effort is expended to factory fabricate the Unifold Gutter Lining System to its most complete form possible prior to shipment leaving site operatives the simplest of tasks to install the system fully.


The Unifold Gutter Lining System is installed with the absolute minimum of disruption to processes beneath by fully trained professional contractors, who together with Ampteam, provide a partnership to ensure that every Unifold Gutter Lining solution is of the highest quality in every respect.

Installation of UNIFOLD Gutter Lining System

Sole Board

A sole board is usually required beneath the Unifold Gutter Lining System in order to provide a flat level surface for the gutter lining system and to allow for bolt and stud intrusions in the existing gutter.

The minimum thickness required is 10mm which allows for bolt heads, however, thicker boards will be required to allow for stud intrusions if these are not to be removed.

If thicker boards are to be used consideration should be given to gutter capacities.

A sole board is an insulation board and Extruded Polystyrene is recommended, however, Bitumen Impregnated Fibre Board is acceptable.

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